Valentine's Day Farm & Movie Night

Valentine's Day Farm & Movie Night

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On Valentine's Day, we're hosting a Farm & Movie Night from 4-8 pm, for kids ages 4 & up.  Here are the activities we have planned:

-Make an organic heart-shaped hand pie on the farmhouse patio

-Help with evening farm chores (water the berry bushes, feed and brush the animals, harvest some veggies for dinner and gather eggs)

-Eat Papa Lennon's pizza and some veggies

-Cozy up and watch a movie on the big screen in the farmyard

Extra fun childcare while you go for a hike and a Valentine's Day dinner! (we highly recommend the Farmer and the Cook Valentine's Day meal- so good)

*If your child is under 4 and you have a babysitter already set up for Valentine's Day and want them to come along, please inquire about sending your little one and their babysitter over for the evening. We would love to have them for a small materials fee.*

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