Lavender, Mint & Charcoal Bee

Lavender, Mint & Charcoal Bee


This witchy beauty would be a magical addition to your evening ritual. Scented with lavender and peppermint essential oils and colored with activated charcoal.

Made with our farmer-friendly, deeply hydrating recipe, this soap is our original formula for hardworking bodies who need an organic spa-quality cleanse after a long day. A combination of six certified organic oils and butters, together with lanolin and our luscious goat milk make a rich, rejuvenating luxury of your bathing experience.

INGREDIENTS (all organic, even the essential oils):

Poco Farm goat's milk, olive oil, coconut oil, RSPO palm oil, sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, shea butter, lavender and peppermint essential oils, castor oil, lanolin, sodium lactate, activated charcoal.

.6 ounces, roughly 1" x 1" x .8", no packaging.

*Our soap is handmade in small batches on our farm and is entirely imperfect. We use tons of moisturizing oils, and don't use stabilizing chemicals, so the bars can be sticky/oily in damp environments. If you get a sticky bar, do not fear. It's normal and a good sign that your bar will be super good for your skin.*


OUR MILK comes from the high and tight udders of our alpine and nubian mama goats.  These sassy queens eat a proprietary mix of organic grains, organic alfalfa hay, and fermented chaffe hay, as well as browse, pasture and excess crops from our small organic farm and our neighbors'. They spend their days eatin', burpin', ruminatin' and nursin' babes. Our milking does and their kids also teach school kids (and adults) about regenerative agriculture, the home economy, and important things like responsibility, compassion and bravery.  Their milk is sweet, mild and creamy and makes for an absolutely luxurious bathing experience.

OUR OILS are certified organic, high quality and delicious! Grace has eaten all of them (except the lanolin- too sticky). We purchase them from a women-owned company that carries many certified organic oils. We figure that we wouldn't want to put anything on our skin that we wouldn't eat, as it absorbs right into our precious bodies through our delicate skin (the same science that makes a nicotine patch work also applies to your body products!).  

OUR ESSENTIAL OILS are USDA and Oregon Tilth certified organic. Very few commercial soaps use organic essential oils- because it's a very expensive choice! Those soapers that do, use very little so the scent is scant. Our soaps are generously scented with organic essential oils. We don't ever use any synthetic fragrance oils. We think organic is essential. For more information, read "Why Organic?" below. 

OUR EXFOLIANTS AND COLORANTS are organic plants, minerals and earth. Clays, charcoal, seeds, leaves and sea salts bless your bod and make art of your soap experience. All the plant material is certified organic or wildcrafted respectfully in our backyard.

WHAT IS SODIUM HYDROXIDE? Lye! And FYI you can't make soap without lye- its what turns all the ingredients into something that will cleanse. More info here. The lye completely changes to glycerin in the curing process. Because of chemistry! There is no caustic lye left, only the glycerin that we then call "soap". We carefully "superfat" our soap (put more oil in it than the lye needs to completely transform) so that our bars are super moisturizing and completely free of lye by the time the chemical reactions are finished at the end of the curing process.  We are super health conscious, toxin-terrified, organic-obsessed humans and we still use lye in our soapmaking-- because its the only way!  

WHAT IS SODIUM LACTATE? Sodium lactate helps our bars be harder and last longer in the shower. Sodium lactate is a salt derived from the fermentation of non-gmo beets and corn, and is a natural humectant, adding moisture to your bar. It is on the National Organic Program's list of approved ingredients for organic foods and you eat it when you buy most organic sausage from the store.

WHY ORGANIC? To attempt to save the humans! As well as everyone and everything else. Read more here about why choosing certified organic everything is so important. 

WHY PALM OIL?  As we all know, we vote with our dollar- the systems we spend our money on are supported, and those we choose not to buy lose power.  We choose to use certified organic palm oil that is also certified sustainable (CSPO).  A big problem in the general palm oil industry is that rainforest ecosystems are destroyed to create new farms. The oil we use is certified by the Roundable for Sustainable Palm Oil, passing criteria addressing issues ranging from site preparation and community permission to worker's rights and milling processes. You can learn more about CSPO here. We choose to participate in changing the palm industry by engaging with it in a constructive, positive way, rather than boycotting it altogether.  Not what you would choose to do? Talk with us about it! We're happy to discuss it.

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