SOLD OUT// MAKE & IMAGINE Summer Camp June 18-22 Ages 4-6

SOLD OUT// MAKE & IMAGINE Summer Camp June 18-22 Ages 4-6

300.00 340.00

This camp filled up in 24 hours after we posted it.  We will be adding other camps for this age group.  If you are interested, please fill out a form HERE.

This all-outdoor camp is an opportunity for young children ages 4-6 to explore and connect with nature.  Join us as we hike, discover our natural surroundings, build with found materials, and engage in open-ended art projects.  This child-directed program will follow the interests and needs of the group.  For example, we may find a fairy note in the morning, gather natural materials as we hike and construct a eucalyptus castle together, or perhaps the group will have a lot of big energy, so we hike to a site that supports climbing, running and fort building.  Each daytime teachers will bring tools, materials and books to enrich our experiences.  Children's interests, love of play, and social emotional development will guide our week-long journey together.  This camp is facilitated by sisters Grace Bueti Malloy and Belle Bueti, and hosted at Poco Farm and the surrounding preserve.

June 18-22  8:30 am- 2 pm

*New later hours this year as per parental request* 

Register before May 1st- $300  After May 1st- $340


Belle Bueti lives in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, California. She has spent time with children ages one to six in a variety of Reggio Emilia-inspired programs including the Bay Area Discovery Museum and the forest preschool, Parks Plus Creation. Most recently, she taught at the Tiny Dolphin Lands, a center for young children and their families in her neighborhood by the sea. Belle most enjoys asking questions with young people and supporting them in finding language, materials, tools and strategies for communicating and enacting their ideas. She feels so grateful for the opportunity to spend time back in the Ojai community, with you!

Grace Bueti Malloy co-owns Poco Farm with her husband Dan.  There she learns alongside lots of children about how to be better and closer with our food and fiber systems.  The 4 acre urban farm is home to laying chickens, dairy goats, pigs, meat chickens, citrus, stonefruit, herbs, and more, and is host to the 2 acre organic veggie farm called Steel Acres.

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