The Whole Shebang

The Whole Shebang


One of everything we've got, at a little discount.

Includes these all-organic items from our farm:

1 original soap bar

1 milking doe bar

1 guest bee bar

1 tote bag

1 plum strawberry jam

1 apricot jam

1 apricot nectarine chutney

*If you have a preference which soap bars are in your gift set, please request them in your comments at checkout and we will do our best to deliver. Sometimes it ain't that simple, but we would love to try! Also please specify if you would like the kitchen towel with words and picture on it or just with the picture*

All the info. for these products:


Ingredients will vary depending on the variety


These are our favorite all-purpose totes, in certified organic 10 oz organic cotton. They are gosh-darn tough and have survived absurd abuse on our farm and carried 50+ lbs with no hint of stress.

The organic cotton is grown in Texas and cut and sewn in New Hampshire by some really sweet people.

Screen printed with a drawing I made of our curious herd. Likely the image fades a bit over time. These can get washed hot.

18 " wide x 14.5 " tall x 3 " gusset, with 25 " spun poly (bummer it's poly but they are very sturdy) handles. 


Plum & Strawberry Jam Ingredients (all organic):

Poco Farm santa rosa plums, Rancho del Pueblo strawberries, cane sugar, lemon juice, pectin.

Apricot Jam Ingredients (all organic):

Poco Farm apricots, cane sugar, lemon juice, pectin.

Apricot Nectarine Chutney Ingredients (all organic):

Poco Farm apricots and nectarines, brown cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, raisins, ginger, lemon, chili pepper, sea salt, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cloves, cardamom.

8 oz jars-- about 7 oz of actual jam or chutney in each.

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